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If that position has a distance variante and a force variant, then it is called energy.

After writing the article called “Orientation” I went back to edit “variante”. The “e” at the end was a typing error that my spell checker was happy with. But then I realized that variant may not have been what I had in mind, when writing the sentence. It could have been that I meant if a position has a distance component “x” and a force “y” component perpendicular to each other, then it is called energy and I had misspoken.

But then again I was talking about position and posture, and “variant” may have been the correct word, if talking relationships in the context of position and posture.

If you look at the two women in the above photograph, their legs are a variant of their arms holding their position, and their legs are creating a force, pretty much perpendicular to the rest of their body. Maybe it could be said that the women are postured variant to their position.

Although I would say, from any posture, the women represent energy, but in this posture they create a variant of their energy.

Source: Orientation | Larry Dunbar | Pulse | LinkedIn

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