On riding a rapidly accelerating world.. in slower motion

If I might shift the angle from which the current conversation views the world situation — rather than looking for revolution or evolution, might we not hope for transfiguration, theosis?

You can have acceleration without motion and motion without acceleration.

So if your world is in acceleration, one could be, at any moment, standing still. Your fortune depends on the forces on you.

If the sum of the forces on you is zero then you are not in motion.*Motion depends on displacement not force. If there is space for your motion to displace into, you are in motion. If there is not a space for you to displace into, and you are in motion, then acceleration takes place.

So acceleration and motion are related, but only by time. The time of acceleration–the beginning and end of time, of motion.

When you feel like you are running out of time, the force in that feeling of end, accelerates you forward and motion takes place, as your space opens up.

When you feel you have plenty of time, the force on you is not so great and you have no feeling of accelerating forward.

In this scenario, the space is closed and motion does not exist. However, because of the plentifulness of time, the forces are not zero (you have the addition through time in your force of life) and so you accelerate (forward).

As I grow older, the blessing should become: ” May the motion be with you.”

At least that is the way I feel, dimensionally, sometimes.

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