John McCain Denounces Trump’s Syrian, Afghanistan Policy

President Donald Trump’s decision this week to end the CIA’s program to arm moderate Syrian rebels —indicating his inclination for developing a constructive working relationship with Russia — hasn’t gone down well with Arizona Sen. John McCain.

While Donald Trump’s policy seems to be somewhat of a Monroe-Doctrine-be-damned approach in the MENA, with Russia taking on the role of contracting out our security in the Middle East, the same thing is going on in the Pacific.

Only in the Pacific, China is taking on that security contract.

Once McCain is gone, I am not sure if there is anyone left, on the Conservative Right, to take his place, as the upholder of US doctrine, at least within the GOP.

Maybe we should start looking for that place-holder within the Democrat party and at a place closer to home than Russia or China that Trump favors.

Source: John McCain Denounces Trump’s Syrian, Afghanistan Policy

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