Hacking Structure, Culture and Ethics

Just some thoughts I had on how strategy could be used to counter hacking. These are from an edited form of a comment I made in Oliver Stone’s post on Medium https://medium.com/@TheOliverStone/the-russians-are-coming-eef3697e548b#.mde6jb8q0. I just stuck them up here so I could think about them some more.

“A hack should be considered getting inside a society’s structure, culture and ethics and letting that society see betrayal and trust where in truth there is none. There is no strategy in a hack other than that which is structural. A hack operates on the basis of observation and I would say that transparency is the key in defending and undoing a hack.”

“But transparency has to be accomplished strategically. As I said, hacking is not strategic, so those on the defence needs to act in a strategic manner. They need to release transparency through trusted sources only and, as betrayal and trust is targeted in a hack, this is not easy to accomplish, and needs much thinking in the process.”

The first rule of Boyd: Observation.

“This is unprecedented,” said Brad Crone, a longtime Democratic consultant and North Carolina history buff. “This is new waters that we’re sailing into.”

Author’s note: I apologize for using the image of the German leader. It turns out, according to my DNA my structure is 36% Western Europe, 26% Celtic speaker, and 19% Scandinavian and I wanted you to pay attention.

Well said Brad Crone. Just like the waters Jesus walked on, new waters means it is time to bring out the Evangelicals.

Just because you are the Architect, Builder, or Carpenter, as I am trying to be, doesn’t mean you don’t need the people who will get the word out–to tell the world what your project is all about. It’s called transparency.

Like all knowledge and subsets of knowledge, transparency is inheriantly destructive. The wise Architect, Builder, or Carpenter gives the nod, to go ahead and spread the word, after all the decision making is done and it’s now time for action.

The time for action is when the Carpenter, Builder, and Architect have a position and are postured to go forward with the project. This time may be upon me.

In house building or remodeling, those “Evangelicals” are the inspectors working with the code guys. In my city they used to be in the planning department. My favorite Evangelical was named Jim Schwinof.

He turned out to be one of the good-guys who ran their departments well, at the smelter that I worked as a millwright. His time, at the position he held, could be called tumultuous times for him, but he postured through it.

Jim had to navigate the path between the working gray areas between the Union and Management.I was a part of the send-off committee, representing the Union, seeing him down the path and into that tumultuous filled void. I can tell you the send-off wasn’t pretty.

Well maybe it was beautiful, in a touchy feely way sort of way. At least it was a send-off where everyone had a red and toasty feeling afterwards.

This is the first rule of Boyd–Observation.

Source: Democrat’s lead widens in North Carolina governor’s race

NeoCon Deux

I think I can safely say that, so far, the “winners” of the 2016 elections in the U.S.A. were the NeoCons. Trump supporters have elected someone not in their image and those against Trump are fighting fascists, who will have no power in a Trump administration. Trump is a businessman not a fascist, who knew his customers, but has no idea how the real political world works.

So it is the NeoCons (masters of political power) who are in the position, through the likes of Mike Pence, to bring democracy to the U.S.A., much like they did for Iraq under the guise of Dick Cheney.

Both the Congress and the White House has been “Trumped” by the new V.P. elect Mike Pence. Once Trump starts electing Supreme Court Justices the influence the NeoCons have on America’s power will be almost total. I think it is also safe to say that Trump is not going to nominate any Supreme Court Justice that the NeoCons won’t like.

So lookout world, you are either with us or against us (GWB policy), and there will be many against us, as the fascist take control of our culture, in much of the same way the NeoCons will take control of our structure.

The Smell Test.

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Via: <http://mercadee.com/sistema-de-gestion-de-contenidos/&gt;

True enough, but my site, like this quote is powered by WordPress:

A wide range of content management systems available for web content publishers today, and some of the best are free. At the time of writing (October 2011) the best CMS for almost any case is WordPress. Free, fast, very efficient and very easy to use, WordPress just makes your life easier! Written in PHP and MYSQL, WordPress is built entirely on open source technology. It is not perfect for each case, but is perfect for most. This website is powered by WordPress. 

And my CMS almost let this link go undetected by me. This link isn’t spam, but obviously sent by a friend.

A friend would give me a Search Engine Friendly URL, such as my CMS does, instead of an unfriendly one like: http://zenpundit.com/?p=10300.

Built in SEO

Perhaps the most important feature of WordPress and MediaWiki both is that they are search engine optimizers from the moment they are taken out of the box. WordPress, a developer only needs to activate the search engine friendly URLs and configure to your liking. Other content management systems like Joomla 1.5, the application have friendly URLs has been the worst nightmare for developers. WordPress and MediaWiki have implemented this feature effortlessly. 

So not only, like Howard Rheingold says in his book Net Smart, do you need your “Crap Detector” on, you also need to know when something smells OK.  It took me awhile to apply the “smell” test, to this link, but I, like any SEO, should think that the time spent conducting a Smell Test, was a time well worth it.