Tension Rises for Trial of China’s Fallen Party Leader

One Bo family associate said a rehearsal of the trial was held Tuesday in Jinan, with Mr. Bo reportedly in attendance. What Mr. Bo will say — or be allowed to say — in court is one of the central questions hovering over the trial.

Wait! A rehearsal of the trial?

If your trial has a rehearsal, then if the actors are any good, they can skip the trial, and go on to the sentencing.

I am such a poor actor that I am sure I would need at least two rehearsal.

When it comes to democracy the number of rehearsals is pretty important, just saying….

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Did news story on riches of China’s Premier weaken reformists?

Bo Xilai is seen as a representative of the leftist wing of the party (which means conservative in China) that is pitted against reformists represented by Wen Jiabao.

If my post on structure and culture is correct that the difference between the Left and Right is structural while Conservative and Liberal differences are cultural, then it is easy to understand the above quote.

Bo Xilai, as a representative of the leftist wing of the party is not structurally in favor of a strong centralist government that acts like a normalizing force between Conservative and Liberal forces inside the Chinese society.

Instead Bo Xilai wants to culturally see the Conservative and Liberal force aligned perpendicular to each other, with the society moving either right or left depending on which force (Conservative or Liberal) is larger. (It should be noted that in this case “right” and “left” is only direction not structure, i.e, when the society moves to the “right” it becomes more conservative–to the “left” more liberal.)

As a Conservative, Bo wants the resources of the economy to continue flowing towards the center (China), but he doesn’t want those at the center to become “gods” and Act like a normalizing force.

A normalizing force controls the friction within a society, and Bo, because of his Liberal and Conservative market forces, doesn’t want friction.

Bo is less against the structure of the Right than he is for the non-frictional market forces of capitalism.  Bo simply wants, through market forces, for the society to become more liberal or conservative depending on which force (Liberal or Conservative) is stronger.

Unlike those on the Right, Bo on the Left wants the Conservative and Liberal forces to control each other, depending on which force is greater.

The structure of the Left that Bo Xilai has been following has been very good to him in the resource department. By being Conservative in position and Left in structure, Bo wants those resources to continue coming towards the center, with him at the center.

But Bo’s effort to structure his country as the Left did not happen, at this leadership change in China. The news story on the riches of China’s Premier may have weakened Bo’s effort, because the release of the story created friction.

The  normalizing structure of the Right controls friction. In fact, except for corruption and an increase of market forces for the poor, there is no structure (such as voting in a Democratic society) to control friction inside China, except for the military.

Those who have just come to power in China control the military, and have decided to Liberally change Bo’s Conservative direction for the country. Bo wanted his country to continue being controlled by market forces, and the leadership change is against his ideas.

The new leadership change in China means a move to re-structure the country as that of the Right, with a strong normalizing central force that controls the friction created by Conservative and Liberal forces at odds with themselves.

Also the leadership change means that China will continue to move Liberally outward, as the leadership needs growth to control the military. Growth outward means China will be gaining forces both Liberal and Conservative under the control of  their Normalizing force.

These Liberal and Conservative forces that China will be gaining as she moves outward will be controlled by an even stronger (if this leadership change actually “takes”) Normalizing force that is Chinese, and more specifically China.

War is brewing in the Pacific, and this move by China has done nothing to make the odds of this happening less, unless the countries of the Pacific what to be control by a Chinese Normalizing force, instead of market forces both Conservative and Liberal.

Maybe the people of China will lessen the odds of war, but that lessening will be up to the people of China and not their leaders that they have just “elected”.

via Did news story on riches of China’s Premier weaken reformists? « China Daily Mail.