One of the Original “Gamers”

The genius is in the detail. This is a bronze  statue about 20 inches high that shows some of the genius in the work of my wife’s cousin, Chester Fields.

The statue pictured below is one of his that depicts a Native American reaching backwards for an arrow. This piece is one of his earlier works, and the fact that Chet decided to show the Native American’s arm raised and bent at the elbow, to me, shows courage on the part of a young artist.

A practiced reach

Here is a closer look from the top (please excuse the dust that the house cleaner missed, yeah the duster, that’s me)

Here are a few more photos.

A little bit out of its enviornment

A Little more like it

I always thought the Native American that he caught in bronze looked a little sad, but as I now look at the details, it is not sadness that I see. The Native American’s face is frozen in concentration as his focus is on the business at hand (the readiness of the pointy-end of his weapon).

My wife is hoping to get this listed for sell soon. This is a start in that process.