Britons want to know what possessed officials targeting apostrophes

But, he added, correct use of the apostrophe isn’t simply nitpicking; the tiny punctuation mark can make an outsized difference, as in this sentence: “If you’re late for dinner, you can eat your son’s.”

“If you don’t put the apostrophe in ‘son’s,’ it’s cannibalism, isn’t it?” said Noon, the father of two English teachers. “It’s only when English is clear and precise that you can get the message across properly.”

Yes, what did possessed them, the¬†Apostles?¬† but then is it also not Paul’s or the King’s, unless it says so?

The British are so polite, it doesn’t even sound like war.

Of course I guess they don’t have Fox News then either, to stand up for God and King. If no one tells you it’s war, is it war?

I wonder if this Pope is going to weigh-in on the issue? The last Pope was more interested in what was considered mundane issues in the Church. If I understand it correctly, the new Pope is a little more Conservative.

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