Business as Usual?

Investment Summit, Day 2

So, I lost all my cable channels last night except one. That one program was on the Cable-Satellite Public Affairs Network (CSPAN).

Hmmm…, my cable company was making me watch a show put on by the cable company. Bizarre to say the least.

The program came on just around the time my wife and I take our dog for a walk, so I couldn’t watch much.

What I did watch, after referencing Big Brother and how “they” want me to watch this program, I found that there were interesting comments made.

I think the most interesting of those comments came at 35:50 in the above video. The comment was made by Larry Fink, BlackRock CEO.

“We are not an accident, as a country.” and “When we have a problem we expel the problem.”

I am sure the “problem” he was talking about in the past was slavery and I am pretty sure the “problem” he was talking about in the future was the Tea Party, as a form of insurgency.

In defence of my argument, the panel didn’t really talk about the debt, big government and taxes. What they did talk about was the advantages our country is experiencing, and how our government works in the business environment to support those advantages.

Those advantages were cheaper energy and cheaper power than most of the world, ready to enact immigration laws that would be the envy of other nations, our education system that out performs all others in critical thinking, and our financial markets that are more resilient than any in history

All brought to you by the size and scope of our present government, thankyou!

Most of the advantages named were programs that are under attack by the leadership of the Republican Party, and the Tea Party specifically. But I think all would agree, the advantages exist within a government of size and scope that the Tea Party wants to see end.

It might be time for either the Dixiecrats of the Old South, who support the Tea Party, to once again change sides and go back to being Democrats; or for American Business, once the party of Lincoln, to join the Democrats in their efforts to expel the Tea Party from Congress.

Either way the lines dividing the insurgency and incumbent powers within our political system are forming, and it doesn’t look to me like anyone is going to be left in the middle.

Get over it Tea Party.

While it is my opinion, as a blogger of war, that the South lost the Civil War by trying to fight it like a big army instead of an insurgency, the US government has learned, in the last few years, how to fight an insurgency.

To fight an insurgency, the first thing you need is business on your side.