10 feet and Rising

The “Cheap Trick” in something, such as an old 1959 27′ aluminum Boles Aero (Boles Afro to you who are not so Observant #OODA) travel-trailor surviving a fall of 10 feet is increasing the time of the impluse in the gap between the start and end of the event.

The resieliance of something falling 10 feet represents a distribution of energy that lasts 10 feet in the greatest amount of time possible.

Something very strong doesn’t need to prolong the time of the 10 foot fall to any great degree.

But something weak, such as the skin of a old travel trailor, needs to prolong the time of the fall as long as possible.

The aluminum is going to streatch, but how far needs to be answered, because how far horizontal needs to be address at the same time “how far” vertical.

The fall of 10 feet is under the command and control of those forces perpendicular to each other. These forces represent the structure of the trailor, both before and after the fall.

In other words, it is a zero sum equation, or as Thomas PM Barnett would say, a non-zero sum equation.