Trump: Only ‘stupid’ people, fools oppose better Russia ties.

New York • President-elect Donald Trump said Saturday that “only ‘stupid’ people or fools” would dismiss closer ties with Russia, and he seemed unswayed after his classified briefing on an intelligence report that accused Moscow of meddling on his behalf in the election that catapulted him to power.

Trump is absolutely correct about the “stupid people or fools” thing. Our ties with Russia should be as close as our ties to China and those countries representing power in the Pacific.

On the other hand, the Atlantic isn’t really as important as the Pacific, at the moment, so screw you Putin.

So yeah. There are many people of Russian ancestry, both legal and illegal immigrants within our nation, that Trump is concentrating on, but China and countries with petrol dollars are the ones Trump  is forgetting.

It could be a Trump hotel in Russia is worth two in the bush that is China and the countries with petrol dollars.

Perhaps what Trump is not understanding. Russia, without a Military Industrial Congressional Complex (MICC) is a country of an economy of petro dollars.

Perhaps he should observe Russia leaving Syria.

Source: Trump: Only ‘stupid’ people, fools oppose better Russia ties | The Salt Lake Tribune

What I Found Interesting This Week 2/2/2013

Unfortunately, many farmers markets are duds.  The prices are too high, the selection is mediocre and many of the vendors sell store brought produce/products.  In contrast, real farmers markets are run by organizations that rigorously maintain standards and recruit/scout/visit participants (to increase supply, competition, and variety).  They hum with life, variety, and are price competitive.

Yes, and this is all because we don’t have a decentralized market, ho, hum.

Well “real farmer markets” are distributive networks that each needs the other.

So while Robb’s decentralized network decentralizes into nodes towards an edge, the distributive market has no outside edges and forms a center of gravity called a community.

Where this “center” forms is any ones guess, but Robb has no clue, because he is looking for an edge, and not a community. He still thinks he is a part of the cure, i.e., a resilient community, and not the problem, too much distribution and not enough decentralization, ha!

So I guess that is what a community organizer does, he organizes all the nodes into a community without edges.

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Congress: Wanna get away? – First Read

Reid’s job is to help move President Obama’s agenda through the upper chamber, but he must also protect his five-seat Senate majority, and gun-rights groups are threatening to go after vulnerable Senate Democrats who back the president’s calls for a ban on assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition magazines.”

So why call for a ban on assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition magazines? Why not just give the assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition magazines to the militias,  and let the militias worry about the collection of weapons? Wasn’t forming militias a big part of the 2nd Amendment to begin with? If the majority of the people think we need to arm ourselves with automatic weapons, then let’s arm ourselves with automatic weapons.

If not, then let us keep supporting our first responders. Not really sure there are the funds to do both.

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I think the verdict


is out that winning


is more important than any calculation that can be made.

Unfortunately, winning requires a calculation of any kind. So I guess this is one bridge too far.

Just for you interested, my posting for my busiest day was called The Human Condition.

 Not sure what the Human Condition was about, , probably something about Jesus of Nazareth, because I am speaking from a Christian nation, but just giving some context.


Twitter / @larrydunbar/ooda.

I have read some of the report Michael Gerald Moore is outlining in his tweets here. It could be that Japan has found a way to harness the power (OODA loop) of the Next Generation Gamers.

Gamers are deep rooted experts that have little culture in the game they are playing, but know how to tear down the structure of the game’s rule-sets until they “own” the game. Owning the game means that they have successfully entered the OODA loop, of the designer of the game. I have made the remark that in the War on Terror, it is coming down to their Gamers against ours.  Perhaps the first nation to understand this “wins”.

Gamers are good at learning the rules of the game and taking advantage of the rules to the dis-advantage of the designer of the game, until they own the game more than the designer. But it is the structure of the environment that they play the game in that’s important. Without Orientation,  and being supported by the culture of the game, Gamers need full support by those who manage the game.

As an example, if you took a Gamer from the city without a logging Orentation, dressed him in Carharts and CAT logger boots, he becomes a logger, if he looks the part. All he would need to ‘win” is to learn the rule-sets, in the Game of Logging.

I purposely used the gender “he” here, but it could just as well be a “she”, only the image is harder to see, and would need more convincing, perhaps through the Action to be carried out.

To win the game, the Gamer would need to know the culture of logging, and he/she obtains that through friends.

The Gamer doesn’t steal from friends, he/she takes resources from their own family and gives these resources to their friends (mostly other Gamers).

In exchange for resources the Gamer receives the culture, from their friends, that is needed to become a “logger”. Where the “Old” Generation learned trades from their family, the New Generation learns Orientations from their friends (who in the above example are loggers).

After being Orientated to a particular “loop” by ‘friends” they are able to enter the selected “loop” and play. All they then need in order to “win” is to learn the structure within the environment of the game. They learn structure by playing the game, and are able to “win”, because they learned how to position themselves, towards the greatest advantage, from their friends.

Once they start playing the game, they need very few rule-sets, because there is little feed-forward or feed-back from Orientation, once inside the “loop”.

  1. One, it is never your fault when you lose, there is just something you didn’t see the first time (Observe).
  2. Two, the meaning of the Game is to reach the highest level possible (Orientation).
  3. Three, keep playing until the game has no more meaning (Decision).
  4. Four, there is no possibility of losing the game, just the meaning of the game. Therefore,  just hit “replay” and continue playing (Act).

First Drucker Now Gamers?

Twitter / @larrydunbar/ooda.

I have read some of the report Michael Gerald Moore is outlining in his tweets here. It could be that Japan has found a way to harness the power (OODA loop) of the Next Generation Gamers.

Gamers are deep rooted experts that have little culture, but know how to tear down structure until it’s theirs. Gamers are good a learning the rules of the game and taking advantage of the rules to the dis-advantage of the designer of the game, until they own the game more than the designer.

In this case, it is the customer’s game, and corporate culture be damned, and the gamers play to win.

I could be wrong, but I think managers at Toyota are giving these people (Gamers) time to learn the rules, before crossing the gap between Decision and Action. Perhaps in another way, Toyota is py-passing orientation and pouncing between Observation and Decision, because Orientation is where much of the culture forms.

These Gamers would not be as suseptiable to integration of Toyota’s corporate culture and freer of bias, but they would eventually “own” the game.

I think there is more going on here, or I should say there at Toyota, but I have been wrong before, at least not mostly right.

Of course if I am mostly right, this could mean a big break for Japan, and a possible bounce back to number two, depending on if and where they are going with the meme.

The G (+?)-Train

Blogging is dead; long live the blog.

At least blogging is dead as I know it, having myself gotten into blogging at the start. There is no real reason for anyone to blog anymore, but it is very important for everyone to have a blog.

When I started blogging, blogs were memes—self-duplicating sources of wealth, much like genes. While I never managed to grab a hold of the money-train like many that started when I did, did. My wealth consists of the distance I have covered globally and the people I have meet there and here.

Now blogs are sources of wealth, but non-duplicating. Perhaps it would be better to call them “circles” of wealth, as Google’s + train take hold.

Get your blogs now, or miss-out on the G-train “G” as in Generational, as the next train (next generation of bloggers) is a coming.