The Flag

A General on a mission is called a flag-general. In today’s world, of video games and simulations, it is important for a flag-general, especially with a Red team under his/her flag, to understand not just when he loses, but that when he wins is also an important event to note.

Because it is harder to prove a negative than a positive, the flag-general may not remember whose side he is on, and, because all flag-generals are winners, it is doubly hard to prove, by their Red team, that they are losers.

As an example, if you are a flag-general and just bought a house and,  if you are on your hands and knees, crawling around under that house looking for only God  knows what, then, perhaps, you haven’t really won.

If this is true that you didn’t actually win, it is because you didn’t know your enemy. The reason you didn’t know your enemy is because the Red team hid the enemy from you. That is what Red teams do, they hide things from you.

But what we do know is that a flag-general would do only what his God knows, to complete his mission. This is because his God is under his flag, and, of course, because the reverse of that is true, they are both positives.


I think the verdict


is out that winning


is more important than any calculation that can be made.

Unfortunately, winning requires a calculation of any kind. So I guess this is one bridge too far.

Just for you interested, my posting for my busiest day was called The Human Condition.

 Not sure what the Human Condition was about, , probably something about Jesus of Nazareth, because I am speaking from a Christian nation, but just giving some context.

The Human Condition

A human doesn’t grow weaker with age, only stronger. It’s only the logic of what we observe that makes us think differently than this.

But in the animal kingdom, it is obvious. Just put an old cat (of the pet variety) next to a seemingly stronger younger cat, and see what happens. In almost every case, the younger gives way to the older.

The difference in the reality of the situation (between how the younger “stronger” and older “weaker” cat see themselves) is in what the older cat is able to command, and what the younger cat is able to control.

With its young body, the younger cat is better able to control the motions of the battle, while the older cat, with its mature claws and experience of battle is able to command respect by the accuracy of its movement (it knows where to target) and precision in its reach (it knows the distance it needs to cover to inflect the most pain). As the old cat slowly moves away, its own body fails the image of its youth.

In reality, both the young and the old are taking advantage of what they bring to the environments that they observe between them. The advantage of the youth is not in its physical strength but in the fact that they know everything—the advantage of the old is that they know nothing. Knowledge is subtractive and the old gain strength in what it has not, while youth is weakened by that which it has.

A quote in which the author Howard Bloom uses in his book Global Brain: “To he who hath it shall be given; from he who hath not even what he hath shall be taken away,” Jesus of Nazareth explains the logic i.e. give to the youth that which weakens them, ignorance, until they grow old and lose everything.

The MENA leaders weakened their nations by not giving their youth, privileged or not, a Liberal Education. Thinking strength lies in technology only gives to that which should be taken. We should never let those who are weak command us, nor let those who are strong control us.

The Matrix

Of course the war between the East and West that is fought by those in the North and South is a two by two matrix. For those of you who are sentimental by nature, my last post was about Zen’s 2 X 2 matrix that he posted many years ago and possibly several time since. His matrix looked something like this [images didn’t transfer well from Word]:


When people with explicit rules-sets strongly enforce conformity within their society the society tends to become more totalitarian. When these same people with explicit rule-sets weekly enforce conformity within their society (in other words generate diversity), the society becomes more independent. Similarly, for societies who follow implicit rule-sets, when these implicit rule-sets are enforced strongly the society becomes more communal; when they are enforced weakly, anarchy rains. In my last post the matrix would have been re-labeled to look like this:


This is further refined down to:

BenevolentRULE-SETS Strong fatherRULE-SETS

You see the people in the North and south are alike because they were not isolated from each other by natural barriers. They may look different, because their environments require them to change to take advantage of the conditions of their climate. Those in the East and West look the same, because they had to make many of the same changes to take advantage of what their climates had to offer, but they think differently.

The people, east and west, had similar technical problem (pressure ridges or oceans) in their environment, which made it hard to connect with each other. As a result of this isolation, of a mostly technical nature, the East and West think differently.

Because we have many like-people who look differently and many non-like people who think similarly, the society you get depends on the society’s physics, logic, and ethics:

Un-like People
BenevolentRULE-SETS Strong fatherRULE-SETS
Like People North(Mediterranean Sea) TOTALITARIAN(Forces Aligned) COMMUNAL(Strong Father/Mother)
South (Sahara Desert) INDEPENDENT(Division of Forces) (A Tribe of Nations) ANARCHY(Mother/ Father Separated)

The ethics are the internal forces, either aligned or perpendicular (mother and father). In a totalitarian society the forces are aligned opposing each other; in a society of a strong-father the forces are perpendicular, as the mother gives us a horizontal unconditional love that controls and the father gives us a vertical force of command. The rule-sets in a strong-father society are implicit, because of the relationship existing between the mother and father is one of an implicit image. The rule-sets of a benevolent society are explicit because the rule-sets are built on the relationship of opposing forces, which are explicit.

The logic of the society is in how these internal forces are arranged to move. When they are arranged perpendicular they either move as one or are broken apart in anarchy. When the forces are arranged as opposing forces (instead of perpendicular) of repulsion or attraction, you either have a zero-sum of forces, or one of independent forces.

The physics of a society is how the society is structured. The ethics of the society are the building blocks, while the logic is in how these blocks are placed or positioned to take advantage of the environment inside the society. Physics create a third force called a resultant force from the perpendicular forces and from the zero-sum or non-zero-sum of the opposing forces. The resultant force is a force of judgment.

This judgment should be used in the structure of  like-people; when it is not, it is called war.

Dunbar on the Middle East

As I have posted before, war is developing East and West between un-like people, but is being fought, North and South by like-people. The Middle East is a good representation of this phenomenon.

Arabs divide themselves as to those East of Egypt and those West of Egypt. I don’t know what this division is based on, but if I understand correctly, they believe those East are un-like those of the West. Genetically they are all Arabs, it is simply the part of genetics that is programed from the advantage the Arab takes from their environment that makes them different, East and West.

I don’t know that much about the environment on the East and West of Egypt, but the difference seems to be in the logic in the movement of Arabs, and those other peoples who lie East and West of each other. Those people North and South have similar environment, in which it gets colder the farther north you go and warmer the farther south. This phenomenon repeats itself  inversely at the southern hemisphere, where there are land masses. Because the world spins, pressure ridges form north and south that separate those east and west (think oceans as inverse ridges). The difference between the two, east and west, are caused by the environments that forms as the word spins.

Those of the East seem to follow the Eastern logic of the benevolent leader, while those of the West follow the logic of the strong father. They have taken on this logic because of the particular advantage it holds to the environment they observe.

The Eastern logic is more linear, while the Western is more non-linear. The benevolent leader forms attractive and repulsive forces that produce friction when they “slide” by one another. On the other hand, the strong father forms forces, of command and control, that are perpendicular to each other. The friction in the strong father is controlled by the vertical force of command.

Within the logic of the strong father, perpendicular forces form an area called a plane. This creates an exponent (area squared)  in the movement.
The exponent is commanded by the vertical perpendicular force, and controlled by the horizontal perpendicular force.

The Eastern logic forms forces of attraction and repulsion, which are added and subtracted linearally. The logic of a benevolent leader forms a sum of forces, which create the potential for movement when the sum is not zero. When the sum of the forces in the Eastern society are not zero, a center of gravity forms that attracts or repulses outside forces.

In the Middle East the forces of benevolentness are fighting the strong fathers. What this means to those of us in the USA is that the strong fathers will fight with the weapon they have always used, the price and availability of oil. We will see how those East and West in the USA react. We are becoming a society of benevolent leaders, but there is still some sentimental logic of the strong father in place.