A Successful Landing

Much of Hector’s success in building a manufactured home that will withstand a drop from 10 feet has to do with the crossing of a quantum amount of energy across a gap into another dimension.

From my study of Boyd’s work with the OODA loop, I have determined that there is only one “way” into the next dimension, but 3 paths. So, while you may not agree with the “way” into another dimension, you still have to follow all 3 paths at the same time. So now the game gets interesting.

OODAAs the diagram shows the next dimension is perpendicular to the Past and Future and there are three ways across the gap between the Past and Future. If you guys can’t get it, go virtual.

It should be noted that when you are in the gap, you are in another dimension, so these paths across the gap between the Past and Future are very important.

At least they are important if you believe in another dimension–a dimension somewhere between heaven and hell, perhaps.

I am thinking that an answer to that question is worth looking into.