The Incumbent Force

If you are a mastermind and think of the Tea Party as an insurgent force trying to change an incumbent force, then you have a warning for the incumbent forces (Senators such as Senator John McCain).

The warning to these Senators is a call to learn and remember their lessons from their past dealings with the insurgency. I mean, in a revolution its doctors, lawyers, then Congressmen who get the ax. The lesson goes out to all congressmen and the lessons show your vulnerability to an attack.

Like most systems that have an insurgency force inside them, the incumbent force operating inside Congress has taught the insurgency how to win. Through the effort of Congressmen like Ted Cruz, the insurgent force knows how to defeat the incumbancy in Congress. You defeat the incumbancy by reducing the government to essential personnel only, and then refuse to pay our debt.

It’s a one-two punch. First you eliminate most of those who could help in a crisis such as this (employed people) , then you create a crisis (a government refusing to pay its debt) that can only be save by people working for a living.

With the knowledge on how to defeat a force comes power, and the great thing about power is that you can use it fast or slow.

So as things stand, it is not how (move the government towards default) the Tea Party is going to Act (OODA) nor if the Tea Party is going to Act (Ted Cruz still has his follower’s support and so will Act according to the implicit rules of the Party), the question is only when the Tea Party is going to Act.  

With this extra power obtained in the knowledge on how to destroy the incumbent force, the insurgency can afford to wait, but not for too long. While their champions Paul Ryan, Ted Cruz, and Marco Rubio may increase in power, the more power their leaders have the less incentive, because the Tea Party is going to suffer just as bad as the rest of the US, but ultimately there will be another revolution.

In the end, the Tea Party will have destroyed the US economy using the end, ways and means of Ted Cruz.

The Tea Party is made up of the same people who thought faith-based initiatives would work to take care of those in real need. Faith Based initiatives turned out to be a complete failure, and so will the Tea Parties effort in trying to keep the US economy going on faith. A default on the debt would crush what is left of our economy.

The incumbent force in Congress hasn’t yet expressed a strategy on how to keep this hurt from continuing and expanding into other parts of the government. I don’t think most in Congress even know how close we came to losing our economy, just like the Soviet Union….

So the US Congress (at least until they find a strategy to at least control if not defeat the insurgency) has a need for the Tea Party to disappear. If those incumbents in Congress want to keep their heads.

In other words, and I am sure Boyd would agree, the insurgency (represented in the form of Ted Cruz) needs to be rolled-up inside of itself and disappear. Which is easier said than done, especially now with this increase of power coming from the weakness in our system.

On the other hand, I really don’t see anything happening to stop the hurt the people of the USA are about to go through

Much of the problem is that the War is on a front that is not easy to Observe (OODA). The people of the US are under stress in their workspace, and this stress blinds them.

Which is a great advantage for the insurgency in 4GW.

Mitt Romney On Vice Presidential Pick: ‘I Give You Nothing On That’ (VIDEO)

“I have nothing for you on the vice presidential question,” Romney said. “I give you nothing on that. But I can assure that by the third day of the Republican convention we will nominate a Republican VP.”

via Mitt Romney On Vice Presidential Pick: ‘I Give You Nothing On That’ (VIDEO).

From the quote above, it sounds like Romney’s strategy is to let the party pick his VP. This strategy comes from being a strong executive.

In the corporate world, under a strong hierarchy,  it is the Chief Executive who provides the normalizing force to the friction between those directly below him, and it is the people within the friction that ultimately picks the VP, not the Chief Executive. Romney is looking for a corporate VP and not a Constitutional one.

A Constitutional VP is put in place to replace the Chief Executive–a corporate VP holds a position below the Chief Executive.

As Bush before him, Romney will be a MBA president. He will be a corporate president that will execute the business model put before him by those who who are most oriented to the business model–those within the friction.

Of course those people will be:

  • God
  • Corporation
  • Family
  • Country

Mitt Romney: Federal Reserve Should Avoid Stimulus

The Republican presidential hopeful says he doesn’t think another round of stimulus would help the economy, arguing that previous measures didn’t work.

via Mitt Romney: Federal Reserve Should Avoid Stimulus.

The first rounds of stimulus were a “Cheap Trick”, which is a strategy instead of a process. Like all strategy it is flawed, but for Romney to say it didn’t work is a lie.

And Romney knows strategy, so it was a deliberate lie.

Romney knows strategy. Otherwise he would never have been able to pull the Olympics off in Utah.

He used one strategy in Utah (throw money at it and it will somehow work itself out), and that strategy was flawed, but it worked.

The stimulus used a similar strategy (get money into people’s hands and they will know what to do with it), and like Romney’s strategy in Utah  it was flawed, but it worked. Perhaps it didn’t work like it should have, because most Americans  would complain, even if they are hanged by a new rope. Perhaps that is a poor metaphor, when talking stimulus.

Unlike Romney’s strategy in Utah, the Fed’s strategy of the stimulus may or may not be over with. The Olympics in Utah are over, and the American taxpayers are still paying for it. As for the stimulus, it is not clear yet if it’s over, because there is a year lag in the process when reporting on the economy, and the American taxpayers are still paying for it.

If Romney wins, he had better hope the stimulus has worked, because he hasn’t given the country any hints as to what his strategy is, going forward, other than he is an anti-Obama. This strategy (anti-Bush) worked for Obama, but then there was a strategy in-place when Obama took over. Romney’s apparent strategy is that he wants to wipe the slate clean of strategy and start over.

As Romney is a strategist, I am sure he has some idea (strategy) as to where he wants to take us.

It is probably better for him to wait and tell us directions after he’s elected, than now. There is a good chance not many of us are going to buy into where he’s going, until he Acts.

Once he Acts as POTUS it is going to be too late to worry about strategy, because it will be all process, as our economy gets another work-out.