I think the verdict


is out that winning


is more important than any calculation that can be made.

Unfortunately, winning requires a calculation of any kind. So I guess this is one bridge too far.

Just for you interested, my posting for my busiest day was called The Human Condition.

 Not sure what the Human Condition was about, , probably something about Jesus of Nazareth, because I am speaking from a Christian nation, but just giving some context.

CDC Claims ‘No Zombies’ Despite Miami, Maryland Cannibal Attack Photos, Video Evidence

Still, zombie conspiracies are circulating the Internet at an alarming rate, becoming the second most-popular search term on Google even, because the news of zombie-like attacks apparently doesn’t stop in just Miami and Maryland.

via CDC Claims ‘No Zombies’ Despite Miami, Maryland Cannibal Attack Photos, Video Evidence.

 At one dollar for eight meals it’s a wonder Zombies are interested in brains.

Although if voter’s ability to carry out elections that involve missing chads are any indication, brains should fetch a premium price in Florida.

Top Scientific Discoveries of 2011

For years, anthropologists suspected that Homo sapiens cross-bred with Neanderthals before our closest ancestor went extinct.

via Top Scientific Discoveries of 2011 | Wired Science |

One story I got from the Open-source Intelligence side of things was that Humans mated with the Neanderthals, and one of the genetic outcomes was a super-large brain. My assumption at the time was that these mutated-Neanderthals killed off the guys pictured here.

As this story may suggest, they probably killed off the other Humans as well, ha!