The first rule of Boyd: Observation.

“This is unprecedented,” said Brad Crone, a longtime Democratic consultant and North Carolina history buff. “This is new waters that we’re sailing into.”

Author’s note: I apologize for using the image of the German leader. It turns out, according to my DNA my structure is 36% Western Europe, 26% Celtic speaker, and 19% Scandinavian and I wanted you to pay attention.

Well said Brad Crone. Just like the waters Jesus walked on, new waters means it is time to bring out the Evangelicals.

Just because you are the Architect, Builder, or Carpenter, as I am trying to be, doesn’t mean you don’t need the people who will get the word out–to tell the world what your project is all about. It’s called transparency.

Like all knowledge and subsets of knowledge, transparency is inheriantly destructive. The wise Architect, Builder, or Carpenter gives the nod, to go ahead and spread the word, after all the decision making is done and it’s now time for action.

The time for action is when the Carpenter, Builder, and Architect have a position and are postured to go forward with the project. This time may be upon me.

In house building or remodeling, those “Evangelicals” are the inspectors working with the code guys. In my city they used to be in the planning department. My favorite Evangelical was named Jim Schwinof.

He turned out to be one of the good-guys who ran their departments well, at the smelter that I worked as a millwright. His time, at the position he held, could be called tumultuous times for him, but he postured through it.

Jim had to navigate the path between the working gray areas between the Union and Management.I was a part of the send-off committee, representing the Union, seeing him down the path and into that tumultuous filled void. I can tell you the send-off wasn’t pretty.

Well maybe it was beautiful, in a touchy feely way sort of way. At least it was a send-off where everyone had a red and toasty feeling afterwards.

This is the first rule of Boyd–Observation.

Source: Democrat’s lead widens in North Carolina governor’s race

NeoCon Deux

I think I can safely say that, so far, the “winners” of the 2016 elections in the U.S.A. were the NeoCons. Trump supporters have elected someone not in their image and those against Trump are fighting fascists, who will have no power in a Trump administration. Trump is a businessman not a fascist, who knew his customers, but has no idea how the real political world works.

So it is the NeoCons (masters of political power) who are in the position, through the likes of Mike Pence, to bring democracy to the U.S.A., much like they did for Iraq under the guise of Dick Cheney.

Both the Congress and the White House has been “Trumped” by the new V.P. elect Mike Pence. Once Trump starts electing Supreme Court Justices the influence the NeoCons have on America’s power will be almost total. I think it is also safe to say that Trump is not going to nominate any Supreme Court Justice that the NeoCons won’t like.

So lookout world, you are either with us or against us (GWB policy), and there will be many against us, as the fascist take control of our culture, in much of the same way the NeoCons will take control of our structure.

Sow wind, reap whirlwind

But the Lord was not in the wind — it might be nice if the evangelists of righteous doom would remember that verse, before they inform us that a hurricane like Sandy is simply God reproving Cuba, Haiti and the eastern seaboard of the United States!

The Lord may not be in the whirlwind, but the US is. The evangelists should also understand that we are not doing Gods work in Yemen, or any other Muslim country, we are doing the work of the US.

If Islam can’t protect its citizens in a Muslim country like Yemen, then they need to pay compensation to the people that are killed in the nation that the US has attacked. The US is creating a whirlwind in a country that only Muslims can put right. We are not sowing seeds in the wind, just eliminating those we feel threaten the nation of the U.S.A.

That is really the strategy of the US in Yemen; stir things up and let  Islam put things back as it should be.

Yemen is a Muslim country and the Muslims are Orienting themselves according to Islam. If the nation of Yemen, a Muslim nation under the protection of Islam, can’t protect its citizens then it is Islam, under whomsoever control, to put it right. If Al Qaeda wants to step-up and put things right, then let them create a nation of Yemen worthy of Islam.

George W. Bush is gone, and so are his henchmen of the Crusade. Iraq, Afghanistan and Yemen are Muslim nations, and the US is not occupying KSA, as far as I know. Islam is safe, but its culture is torn by war and needs to be put back together.

The Muslim nations of the Middle East must conduct themselves according to Islam. If they don’t like their citizens being killed, then they must stop the killing. If they can’t stop the killing, then they must compensate their citizens.

The US is moving on in a whirlwind.

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Saudi Arabia tells its citizens to leave Lebanon over kidnappings

BEIRUT—Saudi Arabia has ordered its citizens to leave Lebanon immediately, citing fear of kidnappings by Shiites angry over rebels in Syria taking prisoners from Lebanon and Iran.

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It doesn’t have to smell like a meatball, one just needs to remember which side you’re on. #civilwar

The Romney-Cheney Doctrine

Out of Romney’s 24 special advisors on foreign policy, 17 served in the Bush-Cheney administration. If Romney were to win, it’s likely that many of these people would serve in his administration in some capacity — a frightening prospect given the legacy of this particular group. The last time they were in government, it was disastrous.

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Maybe disastrous, but at least they didn’t put 30 million children on heath insurance.