I think the verdict


is out that winning


is more important than any calculation that can be made.

Unfortunately, winning requires a calculation of any kind. So I guess this is one bridge too far.

Just for you interested, my posting for my busiest day was called The Human Condition.

 Not sure what the Human Condition was about, , probably something about Jesus of Nazareth, because I am speaking from a Christian nation, but just giving some context.

Top Scientific Discoveries of 2011

For years, anthropologists suspected that Homo sapiens cross-bred with Neanderthals before our closest ancestor went extinct.

via Top Scientific Discoveries of 2011 | Wired Science |

One story I got from the Open-source Intelligence side of things was that Humans mated with the Neanderthals, and one of the genetic outcomes was a super-large brain. My assumption at the time was that these mutated-Neanderthals killed off the guys pictured here.

As this story may suggest, they probably killed off the other Humans as well, ha!