The Smell Test.

CMS is the backbone of a website and can have a huge impact on the results of any Internet marketing campaign. A slow and / or [to Act] CMS can be a cumbersome load on the web site administrator, therefore, as a result could slow the growth of web content, evolution and readers end up frustrated by long periods of load, which often brings results result in the loss of traffic and loss of income.Conversely, if you use a quick and easy CMS can reduce the administrative burden that keeps the website, actually accelerate the growth and evolution of content, while providing readers with quick loading of pages, ultimately resulting in high web traffic and the maximum retention of readers. 

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True enough, but my site, like this quote is powered by WordPress:

A wide range of content management systems available for web content publishers today, and some of the best are free. At the time of writing (October 2011) the best CMS for almost any case is WordPress. Free, fast, very efficient and very easy to use, WordPress just makes your life easier! Written in PHP and MYSQL, WordPress is built entirely on open source technology. It is not perfect for each case, but is perfect for most. This website is powered by WordPress. 

And my CMS almost let this link go undetected by me. This link isn’t spam, but obviously sent by a friend.

A friend would give me a Search Engine Friendly URL, such as my CMS does, instead of an unfriendly one like:

Built in SEO

Perhaps the most important feature of WordPress and MediaWiki both is that they are search engine optimizers from the moment they are taken out of the box. WordPress, a developer only needs to activate the search engine friendly URLs and configure to your liking. Other content management systems like Joomla 1.5, the application have friendly URLs has been the worst nightmare for developers. WordPress and MediaWiki have implemented this feature effortlessly. 

So not only, like Howard Rheingold says in his book Net Smart, do you need your “Crap Detector” on, you also need to know when something smells OK.  It took me awhile to apply the “smell” test, to this link, but I, like any SEO, should think that the time spent conducting a Smell Test, was a time well worth it.