Marco Rubio gives Hillary an ‘F’ rating

“I’m sure she’s going to go out bragging about her time in the State Department. She’s also going to have to be held accountable for its failures, whether it’s the failed reset with Russia or the failure in Benghazi that actually cost lives,” he said. “If you look at the diplomacy that was pursued in her time in the State Department, it has failed everywhere in the world,” Rubio said. “If she is going to run on her record as secretary of state, she’s also going to have to answer for its massive failures.”

Ok, smart work Rubio. Come out on Mother’s Day and soon to be Grandmother’s day against Hillary. It must be the strategy to never pass up an opportunity to get a dig in, especially on the day many people will be thinking about them.

Second, a very good narrative can develop that tells a very different tale of Benghazi. A story whose end leaves the U.S. still losing soldiers in Libya, at a time when we are trying to isolate ourselves from the rest of the world.

As for Russia, let’s wait and see. No U.S. soldiers have died yet in a new “Iraq” type front. I mean the Native Americans know how to handle the Northern Bear. You give them plenty of room, and, if they come into your camp and start messing around, you wait for winter and hunt them down while they sleep.

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