Mike Pence Says His Role Model Vice President is Dick Cheney

Republican vice presidential nominee Mike Pence discusses his VP role model and his debate prep on “This Week.”

Let’s stop pretending what he ( Pence) is talking about. Cheney was the “grownup” in the relationship and Bush was the “spoiled kid”.

We can see from where Mike Pence is coming from. He will have to run the country and become the commander-in-chief, because, like Bush, Trump isn’t up to it. He is not completely ignorant, but stupid.

Bush, in a stupor, had to have his Chief of Staff run the war in Iraq, because he, Bush, thought it was about another Crusades.

My guess is that Pence will continue the war against Islam, while ignoring Nixon’s connection to Globalization, while Trump moves America towards authoritarianism. #fail

Source: Mike Pence Says His Role Model Vice President is Dick Cheney

The F-35 Stealth Fighter May Never Be Ready for Combat

Last month the Air Force declared its variant “ready for combat,” and most press reports lauded this as a signal that the program had turned a corner. But a memo issued from the Pentagon’s top testing official, based largely upon the Air Force’s own test data, showed that the declaration was wildly premature.

It might be that the Air Force is fighting a different war than the one the Pentagon is fighting. So the rules of Orientation are different in each battlespace. A fighter jet like the one the Pentagon wants most likely positions and postures itself differently than the one the Air Force wants

I mean the F 35 has shown the ability to shoot down rockets. It is basically what makes it a 5th Generation fighter. This ability comes from the fact that the F 35 is similar to a flying saucer (except when the Pentagon attaches ordinates outside the mass of its symmetrical planes) and the Air Force has a plan to use them as such. How you fight rockets with an Airplane, you can’t, as I am sure the Pentagon knows well. How you fight rockets with an F 35 is anyone’s guess.

Of course to use them properly they must position them as close to the target (the target the F 35 wants to hit) as possible. Incoming rockets move at something like 22,000 mph, so the F 35 would need some time to do some real maneuvering to swat them out of the sky before they reach the target.

Just guessing. I could be wrong.

Source: The F-35 Stealth Fighter May Never Be Ready for Combat

Special Forces Raiding Islamic State Positions, Says Iraqi Official – Yahoo News

Consequently, this strategy is undermining ISIS rather than strengthening it.”

Yes but it looks like Spartacus is killing his horse. ” The company could be worth as much as $2.5 trillion, according to financial analysts.”, which could go a long way in boosting that strategy. I guess it is about who is willing to buy in. Does this story mean that the Special Forces are buying in?

I don’t think the author really says, as it is out of the Arab media, and they would not be in a position to know of such matters, unless it was expressed by their leaders.

Source: Special Forces Raiding Islamic State Positions, Says Iraqi Official – Yahoo News

Obama Should Have Seen Iraq Unrest Coming, Experts Say – NBC News.com

With U.S. officials now scrambling to respond to the advances by The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, the insurgent group that seized Mosul last week, some critics say there was either a failure by U.S. intelligence officials in assessing the strength of ISIS or Obama and his policy team didn’t react quickly enough.

Sorry, I thought this was Fox News for a second.

Ha! The story now is that Obama didn’t see this coming, and now officials are scrambling to respond to the advances by The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.

Didn’t anyone see Obama golfing?

What is wrong with you people? Of course Obama saw this coming in the slowest way possible.

“Oh my yes, let’s not lose that progress. “

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Sen. Lindsey Graham: Next 9/11 attack could come from Iraq and Syria – CBS News

“We need air power immediately to stop the advance toward Baghdad,” Graham said on CBS’ “Face the Nation” Sunday, warning that the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria ISIS – the jihadists who are an offshoot of al Qaeda – could control the entire northern half of the country and use it to march on Jordan and Lebanon while Iran moves in to control the south.

The South Carolina senator added that the director of national intelligence and the head of the FBI have both warned that ISIS, also known as the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, or ISIL, has promised to carry out the next 9/11 attacks.

“I think it’s inevitable. The seeds of 9/11 are being planted all over Iraq and Syria. You don’t have to believe me, this is what they’re telling you they’re gonna do. They’re not hiding their agenda. They want an Islamic caliphate,” Graham said. “They plan to drive us out of the Mideast by attacking us here at home.”

Lindsey Graham needs to stop fighting the wars his father most likely fought in. Vietnam wasn’t that war and neither is the wars we fought since, are fighting, and future wars he hopes Americans will have to fight and die in. While war may mean wealth for the corporations that support him and jobs for those in his state that vote for him, fighting the war of our fathers means fighting the war that we want, not the war that we need.

And he may be right. It may be inevitable that what comes out of this latest conflict in the Middle East means a strike on our homeland, but right now the forces able to do that are busy, and they will be busy for some time in the future. And, as he says, it is not like they are hiding their agenda from those young men and women of future generations who will have to fight in this next war. The future is being laid out for those generations of Americans who want to see, want to act, and for them to decide.

So for now senator just stop. Resign from your position of power and let others take over. It is going to take awhile for the next generations to get rid of the corrupting forces that are skewing the future for their generation and that are deep inside your decision-making process. The quicker you leave the more chance they have in making the right decisions.

And while you are at it, take those ignorant people with you who are still fighting WWII. Once they had the values America needed, but they have now become so corrupted by corporate greed that they need to leave, and to leave with you.

via Sen. Lindsey Graham: Next 9/11 attack could come from Iraq and Syria – CBS News.

Kerry tries to soothe relations with Saudi Arabia but tensions evident

Riyadh views Syria\’s war as a critical contest for regional supremacy between a Shi\’ite coalition backed by Iran and a pro-Western Sunni alliance of Gulf countries, Turkey and Egypt.

I was once told by an Arab in the Maghreb that you can’t believe anything an Arab tells you in private, but you can believe everything he tells you in public.

I am not sure, but once you back your words up in public, it all goes into The Book. The words then becomes generational, and the Saudis, by location, have to think generationally.

So the above quote, is probably true. I know I believe it true.

For some reason, since 9/11, in the critical contest for regional supremacy between a shiite coalition backed by Iran and a pro-Western Sunni alliance of Gulf countries, Turkey and Egypt (Israel); the Shiites have been winning.

After a while, and upon deep reflection, it starts to seem that maybe Obama has something to do with this. While the last administration showed themselves to be holding hands with the Saudis, this doesn’t seem to be the case for this administration.

Yeah, Obama took a lot of heat, from those that hate him, for bowing to the King, but I am not sure that there has been much hand holding in the Saudi/American relationship.

I am also not sure what this all means, but sooner or later, and I am afraid, the King may get the feeling that we just don’t seem to appreciate him much anymore. At least we didn’t appreciate the family of Saudi, as much as the family of Bush did.

This less appreciation may have had something to do with most of the people on the same planes that wanted to see the crafts hit the towers were Saudi, but I am no expert.

The feelings of the King may be that we are pivoting away from him and towards the Indo-Pacific. The King should not worry. I am sure China will more than embrace and hold hands with you.

I am sure the Chinese would like nothing more than to see you through your troubles. They have no problems in the way you govern your people’s lands, as long as you protect the Chinese coming into the region, and there will be millions.

But that number (millions) will probably just depend on how well you are able to protect them. The Pakistanis are doing a pretty good job, but then they have an incentive. 🙂

via Kerry tries to soothe relations with Saudi Arabia but tensions evident | Reuters.

Obama Stymied in Bid to Rally World Leaders on Syria Strike – NYTimes.com

Mr. Putin said: “ ’Small countries in today’s world in general are feeling increasingly vulnerable and unprotected. There is an impression any superpower at any moment at its discretion may use force.’ And he’s right.”

On the other hand, what is he “right” about? That which makes a super-power super also make small countries feel increasingly vulnerable and unprotected, or are we talking about the head of a nation that will use chemical weapons and nukes to stay in power?

One has a super weapon and the other has the greatest economy in the world today, because it’s able to control the seas, at its discretion?

In other words, are we really worried about the discretion the U.S. will take with the world, or are we worried about those economies that aren’t so “super” becoming more so, with their chemical weapons and nuclear devices?

via Obama Stymied in Bid to Rally World Leaders on Syria Strike – NYTimes.com.

The White House – Google+ – “I’ve made a decision that America should take action. But…

“I’ve made a decision that America should take action. But I also believe that we will be much more effective, we will be stronger, if we take action together as one nation.” —President Obama before meeting with members of Congress on Syria:

The biggest problem with that statement is that Congress doesn’t really represent one nation.

A workplace is where one Orients (OODA loop) towards an advantage in the environment Observed (Observe, Orient, Decide, Act). One-nation doesn’t reside in Congress’s workspace.

While we can Observe ourselves as one-nation, the advantage Corporate America has in the environment we all (including Congress) Observe has overwhelmed every other advantage positioned in the environment.

So if the MICC (Military, Industrial, Congressional Complex) has some Manufactured goods that they would like to get rid of, there is little chance Congress will vote against getting rid of unwanted resources (bombs and all that unspent ammunition). This is, at least in part, because it is to the advantage of Congress to vote with the MICC. After all, there are very few congressmen/women, or their children who will have to risk their lives towards the advantage.

So while it might seem a victory to the U.S.A, having “one nation” supporting the Action of someone so Oriented as Obama, the truth is “one nation” is a falsehood.

At 50+ percent, Obama represents “one nation” more than Congress does. So getting Congress on-board has little to do with uniting under “one nation” and more with Acting as Obama wants, with or without the nation.

The percentage of that “one” nation, Oriented towards the MICC, shadows all other positions.

It’s like blocking out the image of the sun in the shadow of your finger. Yeah, it works, but only in a very limited environment.

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Obama confident Congress will vote to strike Syria

There will be no U.S. troops in Syria, Obama said: “This is not Iraq — this is not Afghanistan.”

I don’t want to call my President a liar, but it really is Iraq.

It is not the Iraq we thought we were fighting when we went in, although Iraq  had similarities,  a country with a divided religion and outside actors that are a part of that religion. And Like Syria  before US forces went into Iraq, Iraq was a country controlled by a tyrant, whose power kept a civil war from happening.

Perhaps one difference he is talking about, is that in Syria there is another religion (Christianity) with a piece of the leadership.

The difference between Syria now and Iraq then is  that in Iraq,  the civil war happened after we broke the force that was holding them in friction, and, unlike Syria, we didn’t get ourselves into a civil war going in.

Also now, Iraq still hasn’t got that coercive friction that creates one country, and Syria has almost no friction that would be recognised, as all the parties in the civil war allow Syria  to move in one direction.

Once friction is allowed to take hold (when the war ends) then Syria will be exactly like Iraq, a country almost on the edge of civil war.

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Obama asks Congress to OK strike on Syria

WASHINGTON— President Obama said on Saturday that he was ready to take military action against Syrian President Bashar Assad, but that he will seek the approval of Congress before carrying out a military strike.

Good call. The POTUS has finally admitted any Action during a civil war could tip the power either one way or the other. Syria‘s civil war is not unlike the Civil War.

Both wars represented a process that showed two structures, so unlike except sharing the same culture, collide. Let’s say either France, England, or Spain came in on the side of South? It could have been a real game changer.

Of course we are not talking slavery in Syria, just two similar structures, structured like the North and South, colliding. So perhaps it is just not as emotional.

But then do you want to bet?

via Obama asks Congress to OK strike on Syria.