House cancels vote on plan to reopen government

The Republican-controlled House canceled a vote Tuesday night on a plan to reopen the federal government and raise the debt ceiling after support from conservatives for the deal crumbled, leaving Washington without a clear path forward for avoiding a first-ever default on the nation’s debt.

The Republican-controlled House does have a clear path forward, it’s just that the path is so insane that no body in Washington understands its simplicity.

The Republican-controlled House plans, because the House Conservatives are such “doers“, to piecemeal the handling of the U.S. debt. This path is similar to the piecemeal starting of the government that the same House Republicans favored during the shutdown of the government.

To understand the Republican-controlled House one needs to understand that, in the minds of the now Republican-controlled House, Hurricane Katrina was not a failure of small government.

To the House Republicans (they can be now called a George W. Bush Republican majority held House) Hurricane Katrina was a failure of the people to adapt to small government.

As such, Hurricane Katrina now represents how the House Republicans plan to govern the U.S. budget, in this time of crisis.

For the Democrats, I suggest they find higher ground that is not located in Washington D.C..

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Shots fired at U.S.Capitol, female suspect in custody

The United States Capitol was placed on lockdown Thursday afternoon after a woman tried to ram a car into the White House gate, was chased by Secret Service and exchanged shots with police, sources said.

The Republicans are just letting it tip towards violence.”

Once it starts to tip, energy displaces itself according to an exponent

In this case, where the Republicans are bring violence to the U.S.A., the exponent is represented by the area of the U.S.A..

In other words, the energy Congress puts out, even if it is negative, tips quickly when it moves, but then its power grows by the square of the area, which is then divided by the magnitude in amount of time it takes to Act in each event.

Which in this case time may start to decrease #OODA.

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Both sides grope for solutions to shutdown, debt ceiling

President Obama emphasized the stakes at an event at a construction company in Rockville, Md., Thursday, saying Washington’s inability to deal with the looming debt ceiling would be worse than the government shutdown

Tactically, Obama got it right when he went right for the workspace of both work and home.

The solution to this problem is simple.

What Obamacare really needs is help. If the Republicans manage to defund Obamacare, it will probably bring it down, but that is not really that much of a big deal for the POTUS. There is a possibility Obamacare may fail anyway. Defunding Obamacare (as the “way” to win in the Republican strategy) probably only makes a small difference in its chances of failure.

What Obama really needs is help from the few remaining patriots in the leadership of the Republican Party. With help from these true patriots (not really sure there are any left in Congress), Obama can insure the healthcare program for all the people of the U.S.A. doesn’t fail.

Seems like a worthy cause that would do, not only enough to make people not only feel good, but be satisfied in being a part of a job well done.

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News from The Associated Press

The real issue is that servicemembers are not allowed to use the uniform to further a civilian cause, Kosik said.

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I thought that was the purpose of the uniform.

I mean, the fact that these people are wearing a uniform means that the civilian cause has got to the place in time where civilians, who have the resources, need warriors to move the cause forward or the cause needs to be defended. The uniform signifies unity to the cause as well as a union of brothers, and in the case of the article, brothers and sisters.

So  mothers in uniform defending breast-feeding has little to do with people in military uniforms endorsing civilian causes, because they do that everyday.  The real issue is how can a warrior endorse a civilian cause and still maintain looking like a warrior in the process?

This is a situation in which the culture is literally “eating” the structure, which the uniform represents.