John Robb was talking the other day, and Zenpundit  later expanded, about how to enter into another’s OODA loop. I suggested one way of positioning inside another’s loop, but I have thought of another. You can enter into another’s OODA loop through flux. Flux is when your position is within another’s, in such a way that the image of Ying/Yang is displayed. It can be said that you are in the position of Ying/Yang with another. This is an insurgency (incumbent/insurgency) position called Fourth Generational Warfare (4GW).

Call it what you want, Fourth Generational Warfare or a Fourth Generational World, this is a civil war, as we become connected, because of Globalization in Communication, like never before.

Well, maybe not unlike before. There could have been 3 more or less other cycles, so this could be the twelfth or thirteen, but who knows? In fact, this 4GW stuff is probably what happens when the world historically becomes connect on a globe scale. Maybe in a Rome-Countrymen-lend-me-your-ear type connection.

The problem is that there is no 5GW to go forward towards a future worth living. Of course there actually is 5GW, but it is without ethics, and it is ethics that a movement like Ying/Yang is structurally built out of. Therefore, a 5GW world is a world without structure and without structure a thing doesn’t exist.

What’s so terrifying about 4GW is that neither the incumbent nor the insurgency has an advantage over the other; they simply move one country, or another, this way or that. They are perpendicular forces (Ying over yang is the exponent that defines the structure of the insurgency) that just steer the movement one way or the other. Think General Sherman here, as he marched across the South in a most un-American maneuver. At least un-American for, at the time,  an American North and South.

But I would say we have choices:

  • We could continue to build a middle class, so the 1% incumbent force doesn’t over-power the 99%.
  • We could go back to 1GW, which is happening on our southern border.
  • We could go back to 2GW, which is happening on our northern border.
  • We could continually engage in 3GW, as the US has been in Iraq and Afghanistan, to mention just a few.
  • Or we could just continue to be terrified, as a war without ethics approaches.

It should be noted that the problem isn’t that the ethics of the American middle class has changed, as Paul Krugman’s graph shows us it hasn’t. If the ethic of the 99% had been the one changing so much, then there would have been big spikes in the addition/  subtraction of resources. The problem is that the ethics of the 1% is in constant change, as they “get religion” through the regulation of the market place, or lose their faith in the square.

2 thoughts on “4GW

  1. Actually: Though I don’t believe I’ve ever stated it, I have been thinking from near the beginning that 5GW exercised most proficiently will need to be highly positive, beneficent, and in its way quite ethical.

    That is not the normal way of looking at 5GW—many of the theorists are somewhat obsessed with the negatives, considering the “jujitsu” manipulations, deceptions, and potential destructive outflow (at least targeted at some specifically.)

    Whereas I’ve held in my back pocket the secret that I believe 5GW to be, in its final fulfillment or ultimate expression, an extremely positive approach to conflict.

    This is not a complete picture but consider: Those benefited by circumstance tend to be less suspicious of events, and 5GW operators are “safer”, more “hidden”, and so forth the less suspicion they arouse. Now, the negative theorists merely assume that the unfortunate events can have their causes shunted onto other targets who also therefore end up experiencing negative “blowback” (even if they were not the ultimate cause of those events), thus ensuring some kind of cycle of negative consequence for a well-defined and exclusive set of players. It is assumed that the 5GW force will benefit from that cycle, themselves, escaping unscathed. That is “the out” that the negative theorists surmise as the benefit of waging 5GW. From that perspective, 5GW can seem either unethical or simply without ethics and merely self-serving. I have never been convinced that any world built from such methods, or any system, can be dependably secure and lasting; whereas, from a more positive p.o.v. and approach…..Yes. Of course, even in the positive approach some negative consequences and events might play a role, in the very earliest of stages, but those early stages should not in my opinion be called the ultimate fulfillment or ultimate characterization of 5GW. I have held in that pocket the idea that the negative theorists just haven’t looked hard enough at the problem of 5GW, or at their own understanding of 5GW.

    • “Content can be powerful, but form really doubles up on the power. Here’s one way of thinking about it: form is what tightens information into meaning.” Perhaps I would agree with you that what you carrying in your pocket is positive, if I could see some form or structure to 5GW.
      You seem, by your comments, to be a fan of form, but form (or as I call it structure) doesn’t take just forces pushing towards and away from each other, these forces have to be aligned perpendicular to each other with some logic, in order for something to be multi-dimensional.
      I don’t see any logic present in 5GW, and if there is any logic, it is used to nullify any repulsive forces. Logic is math and math is beautiful. I don’t see anything beautiful about 5GW.
      The thing about forces within a structure, the sum of the repulsive and attractive forces have to be zero, in order for the structure to be stable.
      With all the forces attractive, what you have is a black hole, where the “good” will be sucked down into the center along with the “bad”. While I don’t know what my last statement means (in relation to good or bad) having good and bad as attractive forces doesn’t sound good.
      Without good and bad, what you have is indifference, which, to me, is the opposite of love. What 5GW does is to try and eliminate hate, instead of engage in love. Love has both attractive and repulsive forces.
      While this “black hole” is probably just as good as ending as any other, there is not much chance for change or adaptation for those of a future generation, i.e. as much of the past is hidden by 5GW.

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