Mike Pence Says His Role Model Vice President is Dick Cheney

Republican vice presidential nominee Mike Pence discusses his VP role model and his debate prep on “This Week.”

Let’s stop pretending what he ( Pence) is talking about. Cheney was the “grownup” in the relationship and Bush was the “spoiled kid”.

We can see from where Mike Pence is coming from. He will have to run the country and become the commander-in-chief, because, like Bush, Trump isn’t up to it. He is not completely ignorant, but stupid.

Bush, in a stupor, had to have his Chief of Staff run the war in Iraq, because he, Bush, thought it was about another Crusades.

My guess is that Pence will continue the war against Islam, while ignoring Nixon’s connection to Globalization, while Trump moves America towards authoritarianism. #fail

Source: Mike Pence Says His Role Model Vice President is Dick Cheney

Donald Trump wants to make Chinese goods more expensive. Is that a good idea?

Donald Trump thinks China is pushing the US around, economically speaking. Beijing manipulates its currency and unfairly subsidizes domestic production to the detriment of American workers, in his view. So earlier this week he proposed doing something about it: Mr. Trump, in an interview with The New York Times editorial board, said that if elected he’ll favor slapping a 45 percent tariff on Chinese exports to the US.

Donald Trump is correct. China is pushing the US economy around. There are many in the Republican base that don’t like this fact. So if elected, Donald Trump will accomplish what the Tea Party can only dream about, the destruction of the world Consumer Economy.

Consumers can’t do their job (As Bush II said, “go out and spend money” to paraphrase) if they can no longer go out and buy anything. As it is, China is keeping inflation for things in the Consumer Economy artificially low, in it manipulation of its currency, which Trump promises to end.

Has Trump just become the darling of the Tea Party? I don’t know. As we saw in the 90’s Soviet Union, it is hard to destroy your enemy if your enemy has some sort of an economy. I think we can safely assume that the Tea Party exist because of war, and, as such, should be going after the economy.

There are three domains of war, and Trump needs to master all three domains: fear, interest, and honor, to become a warrior POTUS. It is hard to destroy your enemy’s economy without war, so for Trump to become the darling of the Tea Party he needs to think war.

Trump has mastered two of the domains of war: fear and interest. I am not sure, as a businessman, he will ever master the last domain: honor, until after the sell. Oh sorry, I mean election.

Source: Donald Trump wants to make Chinese goods more expensive. Is that a good idea? – Yahoo News

Boehner takes on critics on his right

“They pushed us into the fight to defund Obamacare and shut down the government,” Boehner said. “That wasn’t exactly the strategy I had in mind. But if you recall, the day before the government reopened, one of these groups stood up and said, ‘Well, we never really thought it would work.’ Are you kidding me!”

It wasn’t exactly the strategy, but I imagine close enough.

I have written before that the Tea Party represents an insurgency against those incumbent forces inside the US government that want to maintain the status quo. The insurgency has now split itself into two groups.

Boehner represents the first group. They are End Timers who want to see an “end” in the way the US government does business. They own the re-districts, which were formed to keep this group in office, at least they hope to “own” them long enough to enact change that is the strategy.

The Second group is now, after the split, represented by the Tea Party.

The Tea Party doesn’t want to end the way the government does business, they simply want something out of the government. They want what belongs to them. They want,as Americans, security from terror.

For those of us inside today’s America, this terror (and what terror produces, i.e.  fear) is represented in many forms. The terror of abandonment by corporate America, the terror of losing unfunded pensions promised by the US government, and the terror of there being no “real” future for the coming generations. Much of this terror is shared by members in both groups.

For the second group, this terror comes from, in part, by the war on terror America has been waging for over a decade. The fear in this case is the result of the general feeling that America isn’t really winning the war. Trillions gone and thousands of our soldiers dead and for what?  The last sentence could be the Tea Party’s battle cry.

At least I can understand the feelings of the second group. Terror is not a rational emotion, and it is hard for a person and for a nation to think rationally when under terror’s threat. And that threat comes in the form of fear for the continuation of our nation and way of life. The fear is that neither of these things will continue. The fear is that the interest in the values our nation represents in its economy will no longer be relevant, and the honor we feel being Americans holding those values will be lost.

On the other hand, I have no idea what the first group (Boehner’s group) is talking about.

All I know is that it is enough to make a person cry.

via Boehner takes on critics on his right – The Washington Post.


The Republican held House has a decision to make. It can say that Obamacare is not as bad as House Republicans now claim, pay to have it fixed as they have done in the past, or take some of the wealth of a future generation and pay for Obamacare.

Of course there is always the option of revolution. Like the Tea Party of old, the new Tea Party knows revolutions.

You take the junk out of the holds of the ships and throw it into the sea.

Of course those “holds” are now in the ships of past honor residing in the House, the fear now in Republicans who don’t want to pay for it, and the interest in the wealth that future generations hold.

The domains of war, which let’s face it that is what a revolution really needs, are honor, fear and interest.

What I am trying to say, that is just something to be “highlighted”   🙂

Business as Usual?

Investment Summit, Day 2

So, I lost all my cable channels last night except one. That one program was on the Cable-Satellite Public Affairs Network (CSPAN).

Hmmm…, my cable company was making me watch a show put on by the cable company. Bizarre to say the least.

The program came on just around the time my wife and I take our dog for a walk, so I couldn’t watch much.

What I did watch, after referencing Big Brother and how “they” want me to watch this program, I found that there were interesting comments made.

I think the most interesting of those comments came at 35:50 in the above video. The comment was made by Larry Fink, BlackRock CEO.

“We are not an accident, as a country.” and “When we have a problem we expel the problem.”

I am sure the “problem” he was talking about in the past was slavery and I am pretty sure the “problem” he was talking about in the future was the Tea Party, as a form of insurgency.

In defence of my argument, the panel didn’t really talk about the debt, big government and taxes. What they did talk about was the advantages our country is experiencing, and how our government works in the business environment to support those advantages.

Those advantages were cheaper energy and cheaper power than most of the world, ready to enact immigration laws that would be the envy of other nations, our education system that out performs all others in critical thinking, and our financial markets that are more resilient than any in history

All brought to you by the size and scope of our present government, thankyou!

Most of the advantages named were programs that are under attack by the leadership of the Republican Party, and the Tea Party specifically. But I think all would agree, the advantages exist within a government of size and scope that the Tea Party wants to see end.

It might be time for either the Dixiecrats of the Old South, who support the Tea Party, to once again change sides and go back to being Democrats; or for American Business, once the party of Lincoln, to join the Democrats in their efforts to expel the Tea Party from Congress.

Either way the lines dividing the insurgency and incumbent powers within our political system are forming, and it doesn’t look to me like anyone is going to be left in the middle.

Get over it Tea Party.

While it is my opinion, as a blogger of war, that the South lost the Civil War by trying to fight it like a big army instead of an insurgency, the US government has learned, in the last few years, how to fight an insurgency.

To fight an insurgency, the first thing you need is business on your side.


The Incumbent Force

If you are a mastermind and think of the Tea Party as an insurgent force trying to change an incumbent force, then you have a warning for the incumbent forces (Senators such as Senator John McCain).

The warning to these Senators is a call to learn and remember their lessons from their past dealings with the insurgency. I mean, in a revolution its doctors, lawyers, then Congressmen who get the ax. The lesson goes out to all congressmen and the lessons show your vulnerability to an attack.

Like most systems that have an insurgency force inside them, the incumbent force operating inside Congress has taught the insurgency how to win. Through the effort of Congressmen like Ted Cruz, the insurgent force knows how to defeat the incumbancy in Congress. You defeat the incumbancy by reducing the government to essential personnel only, and then refuse to pay our debt.

It’s a one-two punch. First you eliminate most of those who could help in a crisis such as this (employed people) , then you create a crisis (a government refusing to pay its debt) that can only be save by people working for a living.

With the knowledge on how to defeat a force comes power, and the great thing about power is that you can use it fast or slow.

So as things stand, it is not how (move the government towards default) the Tea Party is going to Act (OODA) nor if the Tea Party is going to Act (Ted Cruz still has his follower’s support and so will Act according to the implicit rules of the Party), the question is only when the Tea Party is going to Act.  

With this extra power obtained in the knowledge on how to destroy the incumbent force, the insurgency can afford to wait, but not for too long. While their champions Paul Ryan, Ted Cruz, and Marco Rubio may increase in power, the more power their leaders have the less incentive, because the Tea Party is going to suffer just as bad as the rest of the US, but ultimately there will be another revolution.

In the end, the Tea Party will have destroyed the US economy using the end, ways and means of Ted Cruz.

The Tea Party is made up of the same people who thought faith-based initiatives would work to take care of those in real need. Faith Based initiatives turned out to be a complete failure, and so will the Tea Parties effort in trying to keep the US economy going on faith. A default on the debt would crush what is left of our economy.

The incumbent force in Congress hasn’t yet expressed a strategy on how to keep this hurt from continuing and expanding into other parts of the government. I don’t think most in Congress even know how close we came to losing our economy, just like the Soviet Union….

So the US Congress (at least until they find a strategy to at least control if not defeat the insurgency) has a need for the Tea Party to disappear. If those incumbents in Congress want to keep their heads.

In other words, and I am sure Boyd would agree, the insurgency (represented in the form of Ted Cruz) needs to be rolled-up inside of itself and disappear. Which is easier said than done, especially now with this increase of power coming from the weakness in our system.

On the other hand, I really don’t see anything happening to stop the hurt the people of the USA are about to go through

Much of the problem is that the War is on a front that is not easy to Observe (OODA). The people of the US are under stress in their workspace, and this stress blinds them.

Which is a great advantage for the insurgency in 4GW.

Opinion: Are Democrats more extreme than GOP?

Let us count the reasons: Barack Obama has taken the Democratic Party left of Clinton. He left blue-dog, centrist Democrats to be punished for his sins and they were wiped out in the GOP\’s 2010 Congressional landslide. All the while, the Internet has empowered and organized the party\’s remaining and most extreme elements. The Democratic Party can\’t go left. It is left, in entirety. They already occupy America\’s left fringe.

I think “occupy” is a key word.

Bill Maher wondered, on his show once, why the Tea Party was so much better at organizing, than the Occupy Wall street group.

The answer is that they are not. It turns out, as this show-down underlines, Occupy Wall Street are the “better” insurgency than the Tea Party.

While the Mainstream Media doesn’t “see” Occupy Wall Streeter’s (they are out of the range of Observation), the Occupy Wall streeter’s are still there.

The Occupy Wall Streeters are simply outside the system instead of inside, where the Tea Party occupies politics from a position of disadvantage.

The Tea Party has no advantage inside the structure of the Republican Party, because they are occupying the same structure that they are trying to destroy.

What the Tea Party didn’t understand, in the Boydian process called the OODA loop, structure needs to change, in the destruction and construction movement, as culture changes.

At least the structure of the House Republican party does, as the new culture (represented by the Tea Party, repositions itself into the old structure, but at a new advantage. The advantage of no taxes, small government, and the continuation of entitlement programs, except of course, the law, Obamacare.

In other words, the disadvantage the Tea Party has is that its occupies  a position of little wealth, little strategy, and, except to try and kill anything that Obama tries to do, little process.

The Tea Party is trying to “be”, without “doing” anything but destroy what is in the system.

Which it is hard to destroy the system when you “occupy” it 🙂

The Occupy Wall Streeters never actually “occupied” Wall Street. At least they only “occupied” it as an area of little advantage in the non-virtual world.

As this experience with the Tea Party Republicans suggests, not actually occupying something has its advantages. Not the least of which  is not being Oriented (like the Tea Party is towards the Republican Party that gave us both Iraq and the Wall Street bailout) towards what you want to destroy.

The Democrats are not more extreme, they simply believe change doesn’t have to mean suicide, and the House Republicans would rather die in the process of changing than change, as long as they get re-elected.

via Opinion: Are Democrats more extreme than GOP? – CNN.com.