Donald Trump Sets a Bar for Russia and China – WSJ

President-elect Donald Trump wants to emphasize flexibility in dealing with America’s two largest strategic rivals, basing the relationships on the degree to which China and Russia cooperate with U.S. economic, diplomatic and military priorities.

Exactly. China, into the benevolent leader, you are on board–Russia a little thuggish, OK.

Source: Donald Trump Sets a Bar for Russia and China – WSJ

Trump pushes GOP leaders for fast action on health care

“Long to me would be weeks,” he added of the gap between repealing and replacing the law. “It won’t be repeal and then two years later go in with another plan.”

The GOP doesn’t have a plan. So basically it will be repeal.

As Trump has less than nothing and a chance to repeal Obama care on his agenda.

What do you think he is going for?

Trump voters took him seriously, just not literally.

Source: Trump pushes GOP leaders for fast action on health care

Hacking Structure, Culture and Ethics

Just some thoughts I had on how strategy could be used to counter hacking. These are from an edited form of a comment I made in Oliver Stone’s post on Medium I just stuck them up here so I could think about them some more.

“A hack should be considered getting inside a society’s structure, culture and ethics and letting that society see betrayal and trust where in truth there is none. There is no strategy in a hack other than that which is structural. A hack operates on the basis of observation and I would say that transparency is the key in defending and undoing a hack.”

“But transparency has to be accomplished strategically. As I said, hacking is not strategic, so those on the defence needs to act in a strategic manner. They need to release transparency through trusted sources only and, as betrayal and trust is targeted in a hack, this is not easy to accomplish, and needs much thinking in the process.”

As Donald Trump gets ready to assume office, Barack Obama prepares his farewell

But on Jan. 20, less than an hour after Donald Trump takes the oath of office, the Obamas will play host to a far more exclusive and emotional goodbye at Joint Base Andrews, the home to Air Force One.

Exactly! Is Trump going to need the security the U.S.A has to offer, or is he going private.

My guess is that he is going private,  until he has to actually board an unsecured aircraft, such as his Trump 1, in the position of POTUS.

Let’s see his smile then. Ha!

Source: As Donald Trump gets ready to assume office, Barack Obama prepares his farewell

Trump: Only ‘stupid’ people, fools oppose better Russia ties.

New York • President-elect Donald Trump said Saturday that “only ‘stupid’ people or fools” would dismiss closer ties with Russia, and he seemed unswayed after his classified briefing on an intelligence report that accused Moscow of meddling on his behalf in the election that catapulted him to power.

Trump is absolutely correct about the “stupid people or fools” thing. Our ties with Russia should be as close as our ties to China and those countries representing power in the Pacific.

On the other hand, the Atlantic isn’t really as important as the Pacific, at the moment, so screw you Putin.

So yeah. There are many people of Russian ancestry, both legal and illegal immigrants within our nation, that Trump is concentrating on, but China and countries with petrol dollars are the ones Trump  is forgetting.

It could be a Trump hotel in Russia is worth two in the bush that is China and the countries with petrol dollars.

Perhaps what Trump is not understanding. Russia, without a Military Industrial Congressional Complex (MICC) is a country of an economy of petro dollars.

Perhaps he should observe Russia leaving Syria.

Source: Trump: Only ‘stupid’ people, fools oppose better Russia ties | The Salt Lake Tribune