The generational shift emerging in Chinese society

You know the old bit (repeated by me) where Chinese activists said, “Before Tiananmen, we thought freedom was 90% political and 10% economic.  After Tiananmen, we decided that freedom was 90% economic and 10% political.”

via Thomas P.M. Barnett’s Globlogization – Blog – The generational shift emerging in Chinese society.

I have said in the past that I thought all war was about economic considerations, fought by people with little economic considerations. The Doctor makes this more clear.

I think the ratios are about right. 90% economic–10% political. It is the political people who are without economic considerations.

Because politicians are supported by economic consideration, they don’t have to think about economic considerations.

The problem with Barnett’s analyses: the 10% really matter, 90% of the time, when it comes down to war. In China the 10% have an army to control the 90%. This control is mostly over feet, not minds.

If you have control over a persons feet–you don’t need control over the mind, so much.

In analyses, the better question might asked: where are those feet going, as we know who controls them?

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