A Tale of Two Victories and Two Falls

I mean, I was only half kidding when I tweeted that this was an old AQ trick. It looks to me like, in 2GW terms, what we are seeing is a barrage fired neither Right nor Left, but simply to cover the area. Perhaps we should think of this as an attempt to cleanse an area to get rid of any mines that someone may stumble on in the future.

The problem with destroying all that structure in the Middle East (Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and the structure destroying Arab Spring) you have to create a new culture to support the new structure built to replace the structure that outside forces took out.

Perhaps Benghazi is a snap-shot of what that new culture looks like, and we should take a very close look at what that is.

There were guys dressed as Afghan fighters storming the compound in Benghazi? Really? So, what do we have, a Caliphate? How long does it take for a single society to build something like that? And if we do have the makings of a new Caliphate, where is the center, Egypt, Iran, Turkey, Syria?

I know it’s not in Afghanistan, because there is no structure left to support such a thing. Afghanistan is the center of a religious movement, not the center of a religion.

And, exactly where are the Israelis going with their “Pillar of Clouds”?

Gaza, really? Gaza has a economy that supports those rockets they are attacking Israel with?

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