Why Not?

My computer says: “ask me anything.” So I ask the question: “Who am I?” The computer tells me who I am by saying: “You are my friend.” I then asked it to define friend and it brings up a web page defining friend in two ways. Someone you don’t have sex with and is not a member of your family. The other way defines friend as a Quaker. Taking the safe way (I thought) out I asked the computer, “Do you think I am a Quaker?” It brings me to a Google type page and all the links start out in the form, “Why not…?”. I then have to ask, “Your answer to my question is, “Why not”?”

I can’t really give what it answered me, so use your imagination, but my wife and I both had a good laugh at the title(s) of the “Why not…?”s links that flooded my screen.

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